121 Reach
(Tutoring at RTMS)

Rodriguez   - 637  
Meets Wednesdays at 4PM at River Trail. Dues: $10. 121Reach is a nonprofit, youth-led, youth-founded tutoring organization in which high school tutors mentor middle-school tutees. Our purpose is to aid middle school students through advice, mentoring, instructing, and friendship.

21st Century Leaders

Edwards - 432
Meets Fridays at 7:45am in Ms. Edwards’ room. Open to all students that are interested in developing leadership skills through community service activities. Our goal is to empower high school students with essential, professional, selfless attitudes to be the next generation's leaders..

Academic Bowl Team

Kemp - 135   
Meets Tuesday and Thursdays 3:45 in room 135.  This is a competitive group that participates in academic bowl competitions and to represent Northview in a positive manner through academic tournament participation.

Aid Special Citizens Club

Parr - 335    
Meets Thursdays after school in room 335. Dues: $10. Ten service hours required per semester.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  Members volunteer to help physically and mentally disabled people in the community, such as at the Sunrise elderly home. Activities include everything from helping out at senior homes for the disabled to volunteering at the Atlanta Special Olympics.

Anime Club

Henderson - 305
Meets Mondays after school.  Members play games, watch anime, do workshops, and collaborate with people of similar interests. We collaborate as one community who all enjoy, and discuss, Japanese animation.

Art Club

Gutierrez - 641
Meets every other Friday at 3:30pm in room 641.  Dues: $10.  All are welcome to come and share art, learn new styles and techniques, and work on projects. You do not need to be taking art to join this club.  At a relaxed pace, we do various art projects such as mural painting, mask making, and portrait drawing. Our main objective is to have our members express themselves through art.

ASTRA (Ability, Service, Training, Responsibility, and Achievement)

Peek - 435
Meets Wednesday at 3:40pm bimonthly in room 435.  The Club works on international and local service projects through increasing awareness, fundraising and service hours of our motive: to improve literacy, raise awareness of HIV/AIDS, assist disaster relief efforts, and aid impoverished refugees. The club also participates in Northview projects and events and is sponsored by a local Atlanta chapter.
Atlanta Charity and Appreciation Project

Wilkens - 541
Meets Thursdays after school. ACAP is a fundraising club specifically devoted to the heart of Atlanta and community service projects in the city. We are here to support underprivileged citizens in the city and provide and raise awareness of their lower lifestyle.

Atlanta Community Food Bank Club 

 Benning - Media Center
Meets once a month in library at 3:40pm.  Dues: $15 (includes Club T-shirt) Collects food and grocery items to provide food to a wide range of people in need of food who suffer from hunger.  The first Food Drive Campaign will be held during the month of October and during the spring.  Club members will serve as volunteers at the Atlanta Community Food Bank Product Center/Pantry among other local activities throughout the year.

Bake for Hope Club

Fernie - 633  
Meets in room 633 first Thursday mornings of the month. Our mission is to support Project Hope's, our sponsor, dedication in providing lasting solutions to healthcare problems by selling our own baked goods, or purchased goods and pastries, supplied and packaged by Ming’s Food, to our local community at Johns Creek and Northview events. All proceeds will be donated to Project Hope.

Beta Club

Hart - Auditorium
Meets Mondays at 8:00am in the auditorium.  Beta Club is a service club that promotes achievement, character, service, and leadership through volunteering opportunities and conventions in which to compete in several categories and excel in various serving areas.

Black History Committee / Black Student Union

Pope - 539
Meets Wednesdays in Ms. Pope’s room.  This committee is active through various ways, including introducing hosting a show and bringing guest speakers during Black History Month.  Its purpose is to introduce students to black culture and to raise money for local charities; we mainly desire to spread the word of black culture.

Car Club

Dixon - 337    
Meets Wednesday at 7:45 in room 337.  This is a club for students with a common interest in cars, car media, and anything automotive.  The club will attend a monthly car show to provide an understanding of cars.

Chemistry Club

Bingham - 102
Meets Mondays at 3:50pm in room 102. We are sponsored by the American Chemical Society, which exposes high school students to an engaging chemistry-loving environment. Through hands-on experiences, we seek the roles that chemistry plays in our lives and that connects to the world.

Chess Club

Kemp - 135
Meets Thursday twice a month in room 135 at 7:45am.  This group will represent NHS at chess events and hope to encourage more interest in chess at Northview through games and activities of the game of chess.

Chinese Culture Club

Zou - 640
Meets Fridays at 4:00 in room 640. Dues: $10.  Chinese Club welcomes anyone who is interested in Chinese culture. We strive our members to appreciate Chinese customs though various activities, holidays, Chinese history, and popular culture.

Committed Radical Christians (CRC)

Parr - 335
Meets Wednesdays at 7:30am. This is a club that welcomes everyone to have fellowship with one another and discuss and dig deep into the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We will motivate the student body to be bold and express their faith in extraordinary ways, offering a shift from the pressures of high school, and sharing our faith and love for Northview as God loves it.


Darling - 504
Meets in Mrs. Darling’s room after school every other Tuesday. This club is geared toward guiding middle-schoolers to a better musical level and improving their musical skills by having our Northview students go to RTMS every other week and tutor those who need help with their instruments.

Cultural Diffusion Club

Parr - 335
Meets Tuesdays at 7:50am in Ms. Parr's room. The purpose of this club is to spread knowledge about different cultures in a fun and interesting way, such as through drinking tea, tasting food, reading a book, and watching a movie capturing that of other nations.

Dance and Step Team

Janess - 407
Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:45pm in the gym.  This dance team gives a chance for people to express themselves through the art of dance.  It accepts a variety of dances, but pans to mainly focus on hip-hop and step style dancing. Tryouts are mandatory.

Debate/Speech Team

Ulrich, Kohanim  - 506

Meets Monday and Thursday from 3:50-5:30 in room 607.  Dues are $100 for the year; individual competitions have separate registration and judging fees.  The Debate Team is a competitive club that focuses on improving critical speaking and debating skills.  Students can choose to attend tournaments around the state and country during several weekends each year, but competition is not required. Our purpose is to enhance analytical skills as well as thought development; this includes independent free-thinking regarding topics and better speaking skills.

Doctor Who Club

Bingham - 102
Meets Thursday at 3:45pm after school in room 102.  This club watches and discusses Doctor Who.  It provides a forum for people to express their interest in science fiction media, and also has fun with games and activities related to the show.  It would like to introduce NHS students to foreign film and historical fiction that Doctor Who gives a taste of.

Environmental Club

McElroy and Clawson - 751
Meets Wednesdays before (7:45am) and after school (3:45pm) in Ms. Claussen's room. Our purpose is to raise awareness about environmental issues and educate students through our activism, techniques for improving habits, fundraises, volunteer work, outing trips, and community beautification. We want the school to have a positive environmental impact.

ESPN – Español Para Niños

Horton - 638
Meets every other Wednesday at 3:50pm in Ms. Horton's room.  The group teaches the younger children the basics of Spanish.  Along with interactive lessons and games, the club also provides the opportunity for the kids involved to build a brother/sister relationship with the volunteers.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Parr - Auditorium
Meets Fridays at 7:30 in the auditorium for doughnuts, worship, and a message. This is a national organization with a representative on staff with FCA in each district and a student led leadership team at each school. We come together as a community as one to present the coaches and athletes the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as our Savior.

Fencing Club

Brown - 331
Meets Monday from September to March, 3:45pm to 5:45pm. Dues are simply the cost of fencing equipment. Fencers of all levels, including brand new fencers, are welcome to participate.  Students work with a coach on Mondays and participate in tournaments, including two held at Northview, that are recognized by GHSFL. All are eligible to letter in fencing and will learn the footwork, blade work, and techniques of the sport of fencing.


Meaders - 532
Meets Monday mornings at 7:45 in Ms. Meaders’ room. FLOOD is a Christian student service club that is connected to an Atlanta-based organization by the same name whose focus is homelessness.  Club members agree to serve by helping with short-term mission projects which are specified by the organization that presides over us. Our mission is to serve others, lead the community with selflessness, and spread our faith.

French Club

Fernie - 639
Meets Tuesdays and Fridays in room 639.  This club celebrates the French language and culture.  Members play games, watch movies, and eat! Our mission is to promote knowledge of the Francophone culture. 

Future Business Leaders
of America

McCall, Morgan,Chesser - 438
Meets Wednesdays at 8:00 or afternoons at 3:50 PM.  Dues: $20
FBLA is a leadership organization through which students can gain business leadership and experience.  Members participate in fundraisers and are allowed the opportunity to compete in various business and computer events at the local, state, and national level. 

Gay Straight Alliance

Clements, Lake - 501
Meets Fridays at 7:50am in Room 501.  GSA is set up to raise awareness about the struggles many in the LGBTQ community face, and to show love, support, and acceptance to everyone. We want to provide a safe space for students to discuss gender identity, sexual orientation, and everything involved in this community--one of our main campaigns is anti-bullying against sexual orientation.

German Club

Kemptner - 631
Meets once a month after school in room 631.  Dues $15.  German Club is a service organization that raises money for charities through immersing other Northview students in the German language and cultural activities.  The club also experiences German culture through planned events that help fundraise for selected charities.


Barahona-Murphy, Gutierrez - 636

Meets after school certain Fridays (please see our website) in room 636. Guide is a nonprofit, community service oriented organization. We plan to volunteer our time through some Saturday sessions that provide drawing and math enrichment tutoring programs to young Hispanics, low-income school children at different Fulton County Libraries nearby. While we help others, we will strengthen skills, our sense of community, and our responsibility towards others in need. Club fees $10.00 (includes T-Shirt).

Habitat for Humanity

Rodriguez - 637
Meets Wednesdays at 7:45am. The Habitat for Humanity youth program mobilizes young people to sponsor, advocate, and build houses within the local north Central Georgia affiliate. The club focuses on fundraising, building, educating, and advocating others, and we teach students about poverty housing and how it is our mission to provide for them a better habitat.

HOPE (Humans Of Planet Earth)

Meets Tuesdays at 3:45pm in Ms. Nguyen's room. This club is meant to better society by raising money and sending books to kids that are underprivileged. We will establish this by fundraising, car washes, book drives, bake sales, etc. to focus on the needs of kids in Africa, India, and Israel.

HOSA (Health Occupations Student Association)

Whitlatch, Rogers - 132
Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month in room 132.  HOSA is a national organization which provides valuable insight into health-related careers.  Students will be able to compete in local, state, and national conferences to gain knowledge and learn skills in their specific health field. Our mission is to promote opportunities in the healthcare industry and enhance healthcare quality delivered to all people.

Improvisation/Improv Club

Lake, McClain - Auditorium
Meets Friday 4:00 in room 831 to play Improv games to work on improvisation skills.  No dues; no requirements to join.

Indian Culture Club

Chesser - 437
Meets Wednesdays at 8:00am in room 437. We will mainly focus on educating students with those who are not as privileged as us in India, through service projects, and to teach others about Indian culture and customs.

Jewels for Jewels

Darling - 504
Meets every other Tuesday afternoon at 3:45. Our mission is to create jewelry and use that money to aid girls around the world who may use the money we raised for education or living necessities.

Jewish Student Union

Zavlanos - 306
Meets Tuesdays twice a month at 7:45 in room 306.  Anyone is welcome to join to make new friends, learn about Jewish culture, and eat! Our purpose is to inform and share the Jewish culture with other students at Northview.

Junior Civitan

Carvell - Counseling Career Center
Meets every other Wednesday at 3;45pm.  Junior Civitan’s purpose is to provide personal and career development opportunities while encouraging service to the community. The focus of the Northview Junior Civitan Club will be on helping people with developmental disabilities, while co-opping with the Johns Creek Civitan International Club, who sponsors us. We are "service redefined." For more information visit


R. Brown - 331
Meets Thursdays at 8:00 AM in room 331.  Anyone at Northview can join.  Army JROTC is a character and leadership building program.  Contrary to popular belief, participation in JROTC requires no obligation in the United States Army at any time.  The JROTC Club meets periodically, although no set meeting dates or meeting schedule has been developed yet.  The JROTC promotes the development of young men and women through leadership training and tam activities and is open to all students at NHS.  The JROTC sometimes participates in various drill and color guard competitions.  The JROTC Club members also participate in community activities when invited as well as participating in the annual Veterans Day Assembly held each November here at NHS. Our main purpose is making young people better citizens and providing opportunities for leadership among cadets.


Hart, Rogers - 132
Meets Thursdays at 3:30pm in room 132.  Application required.  Dues $20.
Kaleidoscope is a service based leadership organization.  Students are taught the skills to be active in the community and make a difference towards the issues faced by the world.  The organization also fosters and focuses on each student being a resilient member of society.  Student leaders are trained as peer mediators who train the freshmen class in anti-bullying, including anti-cyber bullying skills.  Partnership Walk is a big fundraiser during the fall semester that the students head which targets global poverty and the second semester’s keystone project is International Night which highlights cultural diversity of the community through music, dance, and food. We are a club "connecting diverse leaders one school, one community, one cause at a time."

Key Club International

Rodriguez - 637
Meets every other Thursday after school at 3:50. Dues $20. Key Club International (a part of Kiwanis International) is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It is a student-led organization whose goal is to teach leadership through serving others. Key Club gives its members the opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. 
Our motto - "Caring-our way of life"  


Meets twice a month, Mondays after school in room 639 at 3:45pm. A recognized non-profit organization, Kiva helps alleviate poverty by lending individuals in other countries money to start or aid their business. The club will raise funds for this organization and learn more about micro-financing.  

Korean Culture Club

S. Lee and Yashina

Meets every other Wednesday in the media center.  This club helps out the Korean community by volunteering at events and making people more aware of Korean culture. Guest speakers are invited to meetings.

Latin Club

David - 602

Invitation only – Limited to Latin Class students

Making a Difference

Rodriguez - 637

Meets every other Wednesday in room 637. Students will discuss and plan events that will “make a difference.” Some contributions include volunteering and fundraising for causes, visiting kids in the hospital, and giving back during the holiday season. The students will also participate by cleaning up around Northview at each meeting.

Make-a-Wish Youth Foundation

Rogers - 132

Meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays in room 132.

Math Team

Stone - 606
Our Northview Math Team meets on Thursdays weekly after school in room 606 to discuss famous mathematics problems that are not necessarily discussed within the normal school curriculum. Students teach and challenge each other to grow in knowledge. We attend several mathematics tournaments during the school year, co-host our own tournament, and compete in several state and national competitions that are held after school. Our purpose is to instill a love for math and problem solving in students.
Dues are $20

Medical Society

Bingham - 102
Meets Tuesdays after school (4 PM) in room 102 
Dues:$15 per year (covers club t-shirt and supplies for meetings and fundraisers for projects). 
Medical Society is a club that is open to any student at Northview.  Our focus is on the medical professions as careers, especially medicine, nursing, and medical research. We aim to promote and inform prospective medical students about various healthcare fields.

Minecraft Club

Lee - 138

Meets in room 138 on Mondays or Fridays at 3:45pm. This is a club which each member can build and express their creativity through blocks in a virtual reality. It allows our members to express themselves and learn new ideas from others.

Mock Trial

Lake - 501
Meets Tuesdays, 4:00 – 6:00pm in room 501 (other days as needed). Mock Trial is a competitive team and will host tryouts in December.

Model Arab League


Meets Mondays at 3:45pm in Mr. Anderson's room. The club's purpose is to teach students about an important region often in the news and help them understand the problems in the region while participating in a competitive, internationally recognized program. We will model the Arab nations through diplomatic simulations--we will receive a country, research it, find relevant social and political problems, and take the stance the country would take.

Model United Nations

Martin, Paul - Media Center

Meets Wednesdays at 3:45pm in the media center. Model UN is an academic simulation of United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy, and the United Nations agenda. For conferences, we are assigned a country and play the role of a delegate for that assigned country and advocate for certain issues.

Music Production

Pidgeon - 232
Meets Wednesday 4:00 in room 232 The group will work with studio software to teach fundamentals in audio editing and various software.

Northview Cancer Society

Horton - 638
Meets Wednesday and Thursday mornings at Room 638.  This club will work with the American Cancer Society by volunteering at various events and raising money that will be donated to the society. Our purpose is to raise cancer awareness and provide funds for cancer treatment and research.

Northview Chamber Music Society

Aucoin - Orchestra Room
Meets selected Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 PM. 
This club exists for band, chorus, and orchestra students who would like to play their instruments in small groups.  Many of these groups perform for community activities and assisted living communities.

Northview Guide Club

Barahona-Murphy - Norcross Human Service Center
Meets Saturdays at 2:00pm at Norcross Human Service center. The club's purpose is to provide additional help for students who have yet to meet standards. We desire to spread educating others through service and share our passion of learning.  The club also provides online tutoring a few days a week.

Northview NaCl Chapter

Janess - 407
Meets Wednesday mornings in Mrs. Janess's room. A Christian club that welcomes all to activities such as praise, games, service projects, support groups, prayer meetings, and bible studies. We are here to design and build a community of Christian faith.

Northview Theatre Company

McClain - 831
Lake - 501
NTC is a group of students who produce our main stage (afterschool) shows.  Students can become involved by trying out for and being cast in a show or becoming part of the tech crew for a show. Rehearsals after school are as necessary for each production.

PAWS (Protecting Animal Welfare Society)

Tucker - 105
Meets Wednesdays at 7:45am in room 105. This group volunteers at the GASPCA shelter and Petsmart on adoption days. The group plans to have two fundraisers this year to benefit the shelter. Our main purpose is to volunteer and fundraise animal projects to consistently raise awareness of all animals' needs.

Philosophy Club

Martin, Kohanim - 511
Meets Thursdays at 3:45pm in Ms. Kohanim's room. Dues: 5$.  The club’s purpose is to discuss various topics and the ideas of various philosophers. We hope to challenge and inspire a love for philosophy for students to become critical thinkers outside of textbooks and orthodox classes.

Photography Club

Anderson - 332
Meets Wednesdays at 3:40pm in room 332. This club will work on several aspects of photography and focus on different subjects every meeting.  We work to improve each individual’s expo and introduce beginners to quality photography. Our mission is to educate others on the art of photography and to encourage artistic freedom and self-expression in the digital art form.

Programming Club

Chesser - 788
Meets Wednesdays at 8am in room 788.This club promotes the knowledge of computer science by teaching the Java, Flash and various other languages. Our mission is to inform and teach students who are interested in computer science.

Project RAIN

Bingham - 102
Meets Thursday 7:45am in room 102.  RAIN stands for Retirement homes, Assisted Living facilities, Independent Living facilities, and Nursing homes.  These members will volunteer on the weekends at local facilities to play games, do crafts, and read with the elderly. Our goal is to reach out into the community and interact with the elderly in our local retirement homes--to ultimately make their lives more enjoyable.

Project Darasani

Gregg - 208 
Meets Tuesdays at 3:40pm. Project Darasani fundraises and collects school supplies to send to schools in Africa through multiple fundraisers and drives. Our purpose is to raise money and awareness for underprivileged children in Africa.

Quake Breakdancing Club

Gutierrez, Jordan -510
Meets Thursday and Friday afternoons in either Ms. Gutierrez or Mr. Jordan's rooms. This club provides confidence and self-expression through the art of breakdancing.

Red Cross Club

Gray - 540
Meets in room 540 at 3:40pm on Wednesdays. Red Cross club educates the student body about emergency preparedness and uses resources from the American Red Cross to help people contribute to the community and possibly interest them in pursuing a career in health. Our goal is to contribute to the community by organizing blood drives, collecting donations, teaching emergency situations, and many other things.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

Blue - 403
Meets once a month. Time varies according to agenda. SADD is  a national organization, sponsored by GA Highway Safety Patrol, that focuses on teen choices and decisions which will influence their life.
Major campaigns - Red Ribbon Week, Alcohol/Drug Awareness, Teen 
Relationships, Safe Prom/Graduation, Teen Driver Safety.  
Members educate themselves and share resources and info with peers, school and community. 

Science Olympiad Team

Meets Monday afternoons at 3:45pm. Dues $25. This team of students is dedicated to exploration of science and to the pursuit of knowledge within the vast universe.  Members compete in a variety of events which reflect true scientific collaboration and are more in-depth than the school's science curriculum.

SEWA (Service for Humanity - Bhutanese refuge relief)[Selfless Efforts for the Welfare for All]

Brown - 331
Meets Mondays at 3:45pm in room 337. Dues $15. Sewa means “service” in Sanskrit; pronounced “Say-Wah," Sewa is a community service oriented club that specializes in the resettlement of Bhutanese Refugees in Clarkston, GA. We obtain Grady healthcare cards, tutor, and fundraise to improve the quality of life for all the people who fled to the US from concentration camps and civil we continue to make a difference.

Slam Poetry Club

Christenson - 502
Meets Fridays at 3:40pm in room 502. This club's purpose is to foster an appreciation for slam poetry, create an outlet for self-expression to members, and eventually participate in competitions.

Spanish Club

Barahona - Murphy - 638

Meets every other Thursday from 4 to 5pm in room 638. Dues are $10.
Open to all students with an interest in the Spanish heritage and culture who want to use Spanish to contribute to the community and engage in activities in the Hispanic world.

Student Startup

Pidgeon - 308
Meets Fridays at 7:45am. Students will create their own social venture and launch their own startup from formidable business plans. There will be workshops, speech classes, personalized coaching, and team projects. The program revolves around idea incubation through mentorship from successful entrepreneurs in Atlanta's developed workplaces. Together, the students can create a community that is both collaborative and innovative.

Students Who Care (SWC)

Darling - 504
Meets Wednesdays at 3:40pm in Ms. Darling's room. This club's purpose is to bring awareness to people in third world countries by raising money to improve their conditions. We will work with SWC's headquarters in Atlanta and help fundraise through projects to give money and improve conditions in 87 different countries.


Yuanzhang Yang- The Reserve
Meets at the Reserve at Johns Creek, apt. number 4312, twice a month from 3-6pm. This club enables Chinese students to find and connect with others to their own cultural identity. It also allows the foreign students be familiarized with the Chinese culture.

Talk Girl Effect

Pope - 539
Meets Thursday at 3:40 in room 539.  This group of girls will meet to find ways to make a difference in the lives of women and girls around the world.  The club is connected to two national organizations and our purpose is to provide a supportive environment to teach members about the true feminist issues and values, talk about gender related issues, and encourage gender equality at Northview, our community, and throughout the world.

TSA/Techno Titans Robotics Club

Ejimofor - 796

Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00-6:00pm in Room 796 and 790
Dues: $50/year

  • Qualifications: Interest, Maturity, Willingness to work, Participation on a regular basis
Spring robotics program “varsity level competition” (Jan – March) requires application/interview. Our goal is to prepare our students to future engineering leaders in a hands-on, team-oriented environment.

Titan to Titan

Dixon, Alhadeff - 337
Meets in Mr. Dixon’s room, Wednesdays at 8:00.  Titan to Titan helps welcome freshman and new students to the school by providing mentorship through experienced high school students. This club helps with various events such as orientation and guides their students by other students who were once in their shoes.

Toast Masters

Gregg - 208
Meets Mondays at 3:45.  Toast Masters gathers to encourage students to feel more comfortable with public speaking.  Students will practice speaking in front of other club members and participate in many vocal activities.

Tutors in Action

Stimming - Media Center
Offers free tutoring every Wednesday afternoon (3:45-4:45 pm) in the Media Center. TAN members are qualified underclassmen who volunteer their time to tutor NHS students who need extra assistance in any subject. Our goal is to educate and inspire fellow students to achieve greater academic and personal heights. Our goal is to educate and inspire fellow students to achieve greater academic and personal heights.

Ultimate Frisbee

Weinberger - 407
Meets Friday after school (4:00-6:00) on any available practice field. Intramural sport/club; no dues unless the student attends a tournament (one or two each spring). Our purpose is to make exercising fun and enjoyable through the sport of ultimate frisbee; we aspire to bring the Northview community together with people who enjoy the game.


Rodriguez - 637
Meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 3:40 pm in room 637. The UNICEF Club will work for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to educate, advocate and fundraise- work that is vital to UNICEF’s ability to save children in 190 countries. We work for the survival, protection, and development of children, world-wide.  The club will benefit the students of NHS and the community by providing opportunities to develop leadership and establish service patterns.

Universal Reach

Riker - 301
Meets Wednesday afternoons. The purpose of the club is to educate people whether it be in our school or in the global community. It is a tutoring club gathered to have those who learn visually, auditory, and tactically in one community together.


Anderson - 332 
Meets Mondays at 3:45pm in room 304. Vibha means "brightness", in Sanskrit, usually associated with children. Vibha is a national charity that collects funds through annual events and fundraisers. There are action centers throughout America, and one here in Atlanta. The main aim is to educate and empower underprivileged children in India through projects in the fields of education, healthcare and vocational training.

"Vocally Charged" Singing Group

Clements - Chorus Room
Vocally Charged is the premiere high school a cappella ensemble in Fulton County.  Auditions are held at the beginning of the school year.  Performances include all Chorus concerts as well as special events.  Vocally Charged sponsors the annual Northview A Cappella Invitational.  See Mr. Clements for more information or to book the group for an event.

White Tuesday Stock Market Club

McCall, McDaniel - 438

Meets in room 438 at 7:45am on Wednesdays. This club's purpose is to educate students in the art of stock trades, as well as stress the importance of investment skills in the near future. We will participate in the Georgia Stock Market Game and work at preserving the value of investments and financial literacy.


Weinberger - 407
Meets Wednesday 3:50 in room 407. Will-to-Live plans to support Willstock, Will-to-Live 5K, and the Out of Darkness Walk, as well as other charities throughout the year. Besides our plethora of events, our main focus is to spread the message of hope, love, and the will to live through kids, by the kids and for the kids.

World Challenge

Brown - 331
Meets Wednesdays mornings at 7:40am. Our purpose is to facilitate service trips that are both educational and exploring via World Challenge. World Challenge allows groups to customize nearly every facet of the trip, including types of services, and we are able to expose these abroad trips to our fellow students.


Henderson - 305
Meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:45 in room Mr. Henderson's room. Club WISH is a chapter of Simone’s Kids, and is sponsored by Aid for Africa. Club WISH plans to help alleviate the effects of poverty as well as provide aid to underdeveloped areas in Uganda through tutoring opportunities, fundraisers, and educating others on those with financially stressed backgrounds.

Young Writers Club

Stimming - Media Center
Meets in the Media Center on Wednesdays (3:45-4:45 pm) every two weeks. Members will explore a variety of writing genres (e.g., creative, poetry, personal narrative).

Zen Club

Darling - 504
Meets Wednesday afternoons in Ms. Darling's room. Zen club will teach simple meditations that will improve, practice, and calm our stressful lives at school.

Honor Societies

Beta Club


Meets Mondays at 7:45 in the auditorium.  Beta Club is a service club that promotes achievement, character, service, and leadership through volunteering opportunities and conventions in which to compete in several categories.

International Thespian Society


The International Thespian Society is an international honor society for students who demonstrate 100+ hours of excellence in high school theatre. Thespians attend a state-wide conference every February and participate in community service activities including their annual charity drive for "Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat."  ITS inductions are held in December and April; interested students will fill out an application to be reviewed by Mrs. Lake and Mr. McClain.

National Honor Society


The National Honor Society (NHS) is an academic club. Membership is by invitation only. The purpose of the NHS is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in all students of Northview High School. Juniors and Seniors who have a cumulative average of 92 on a scale of 100 at the conclusion of Fall Semester will be invited to submit a portfolio illustrating excellence in academics, leadership, service, and character for use in the selection process. Once a student is inducted, he/she must maintain the high standards by which he/she was selected. Members must attend meetings and fulfill service commitments. Requirement for membership: 92 or higher cumulative average and invitation to join Dues: $30

National Art Honor Society


The National Art Honor Society is an art achievement society.  Membership is by invitation.  Candidates must have been in attendance for at least one semester in art at NHS with an art scholarship average of an A plus receive a nomination from the art faculty based on the candidate’s art scholarship, service, and character.  The society is service oriented with member helping the school and community with various art projects.  Club Dues: $10

National Chinese Honor Society


The National Chinese Honor Society recognizes those accomplished high school students who study Chinese as the second language. The National Chinese Honor Society is not only a scholastic organization but also promotes and recognizes those with good citizenship, leadership quality, and community service among qualified students. The society’s goal is to encourage its members to become life-long knowledge seekers to reach a better understanding to the Chinese language and culture, to be able to play the active role as the builders of the twenty-first century. Dues:$10

National English Honor Society


Christenson - 501

The National English Honor Society recognizes excellence in Language Arts. Students taking AP Literature are eligible to become members.  The society strives to promote literacy through service.  Twenty service hours related specifically to literacy are required by each member.  Dues: $30.

National French Honor Society

Francisse, Prince

The Société Honoraire de Français (SHF) aims to stimulate interest in the study of French, to promote high standards of achievement, to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of francophone cultures, to promote and perpetuate international friendship, and to reward efforts toward furthering solidarity in the French speaking world. Duties associated with the society include promotion and support of charities affecting the francophone world. Dues: $15.

National German Honor Society


The purpose of the National German Honor Society is to recognize high school scholastic achievement in the study of German and to promote interest in the study of the German language, literature, and culture.  The organization is a national educational honorary society of the study of high school German and is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). Students must have a 3.0 overall, over 3 semesters of taking German and a 3.6 in their German grades.  In addition, they must attend 3 meetings per semester and complete 30 community service hours, 20 of which must be for Northview.  NHS Delta Epsilon Phi has served both community and school by raising money for Juvenile Diabetes, Tanner’s Totes, Relay for Life, volunteering at Boo at the Zoo in Atlanta, serving free hot chocolate to students in the winter and cleaning display cabinets at NHS.  They are dedicated to service. Dues: $10.

National Spanish Honor Society


The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) is an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish and/or Portuguese, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese(AATSP).The purpose of the society is to recognize high achievement of high school students in the Spanish and Portuguese languages and to promote a continuing interest in Hispanic and Portuguese studies.Community service is mandatory.  Dues are $8.00

National Science Honor Society