Greetings Fellow Titans –

We are all ready for the welcome respite of Spring Break and I hope you are all looking forward to this much-deserved pause from the regular routine. When we return on April 12th, there will be a lot of activities before graduation on May 22nd. Keep a watchful eye on daily announcements and our Upcoming Events section at  

I would like to take a moment to thank one of our original staff members who has announced his retirement effective today. Assistant Principal James Williams has been a familiar face since Northview first opened its doors back in 2002. In addition to the regular duties of an AP, he has also been the face behind stellar traditions such as International Week, Black History Month, Kaleidoscope, and our extremely successful Business Partnership Program. I can’t remember a single home football game when he wasn’t on the sidelines cheering on the mighty Titans, and his attendance at basketball games was almost as flawless. All you needed to do to know how much the kids meant to him was to walk into his office. There wasn’t a square inch of surface space not occupied by photographs of past students. I want to publically thank him for all that he has done for Northview High School over the past 8 years. I wish him much success in future endeavors and I know that he will be missed by many. James – Enjoy your retirement!

Enjoy Spring Break and, as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Ever Upward and Onward ~

Pamela Spalla
Northview High School

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Academic Honors Banquet
April 1

Spring Break
April 5-9

Hands on Northview
April 17

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Spring sports are in full swing and the success that all of the teams are having is amazing. Tennis, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Golf, and Track and Field all have winning records with some of the sports in the top 10 rankings in the state and even the nation!

With Spring Break next week, several teams will be traveling and playing throughout the week. Lacrosse, who is having an outstanding year and are ranked # 3 in the state, will be playing down in Cocoa Beach in a tournament and baseball has several important region games to keep them in contention for a state playoff birth.

Boys tennis still remains undefeated and ranked # 1 in the state. Boys and Girls Soccer are both 9-1 going into a very important match Thursday night at home v. Duluth, which, if they win, will get them an automatic bid into the state playoffs with 2 more region games remaining after spring break against Peachtree Ridge and North Gwinnett. Boys soccer is ranked # 6 in the state and as of yesterday’s ESPN “The Wire” pole and the NSCAA’s pole, are also now ranked 21st in the nation! Girls soccer is also ranked # 8 in the state.

Track and field continues to have success and school records and personal records are being set in several events. With the weather starting to warm up we have high hopes that the attendance will pick up and have the support from our community, peers, and teachers to help our teams finish strong and contend for more State titles.

Spring Football is only a few weeks away and the coaches and players are continuing to work hard in the weight room in preparation for the season. Several positive things have been taking place with the football program lately. We have had athletes coming forward excited about spreading the word about the positive direction the program has taken over the past few months of the offseason and have helped put some ugly rumors to rest regarding the status of the program for next year.

Coach Gary McCoy has been named the interim Head Coach until we officially hire a new head Coach. He and Coach Jonathan Edwards have really stepped up and taken on the responsibility of getting these kids prepared with their weight program. Both coaches have the understanding of what they need to do despite the transition taking place right now.

Until then, spring football will be happening whether there is an official coach hired by then or not. After speaking with Coach McCoy and Edwards, the plan is to continue to move forward with a more fundamental, agility and conditioning based two weeks of spring practice.

We as coaches and administrators appreciate everyone’s patience during these trying times and urge everyone to stay positive and rest assured our football program will be moving in a positive direction.

Stay tuned once we return from a much needed Spring Break for continued updates on our spring teams’ success!

Tony Cianciola
Athletic Director
Northview HS

(Date changed due to Prom)

Mark your calendar for April 17, 2010 from 8 am - 12 pm.

    - Get your volunteer hours by participating!
    - Win the Golden Shovel Award!
    - Food and drinks will be provided!
    - We have plenty of planting, pine straw spreading, and the usual picking up of trash.


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