Greetings Fellow Titans –
Over the past few weeks, we have stressed the importance of asking all students to complete the scheduling process for next year. As you may know, course placement is of critical importance in helping insure your child’s academic success while giving them the challenge and rigor the student can handle. We are happy to say that the vast majority have chosen their classes and we are presently building the master schedule. These facts need to be combined with the recent decisions as to the proposed budget cuts next year. What we come out with is a very tight schedule that offers little or no flexibility.
Our counselors do a phenomenal job of advising students as to the best choice of classes based on the student’s career goals and academic capabilities. Students can often be a little too ambitious in course selection, knowing that they will be able to drop down to an on level course if they find they have bitten off more than they can handle. This can only be done if there is room in the desired class which will not be the case next year! The master schedule will be tight! In order to save money, classes are being staffed at 32:1 which does not allow for open spots to accommodate schedule changes.
Students are now being asked to make final choices. Some are asking about waivers for acceptance into classes where they have not met the grade prerequisites and these requests are being entertained. Keep in mind that students are placed in courses based on specific criteria. Prerequisite requirements reflect skills and levels of achievement needed for success in a desired course. Proper academic placement is essential for academic success; therefore, students will not be placed in courses in which the prerequisite requirements have not been met.  If a student fails to meet a prerequisite unweighted grade requirement by three or fewer points but has fulfilled all other prerequisites, a parent may request placement in the desired course by completing a placement waiver. This is the only circumstance for which placement waivers will be offered.
It is important that you discuss this decision with your student before signing the waiver. Realize that if your child asks to go into an honors or AP level class against the recommendation of his/her teacher and counselor, he/she will have to stay there for the whole year. Schedule changes will only be granted on a space available basis and we do not foresee any open seats.
Consider your child’s schedule carefully and discuss the items of this letter with them before signing off on any waivers.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Ever Upward and Onward
Pamela Spalla
Northview High School

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Teacher Workday
March 12th

GA Graduation Test
March 15th - 19th

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March 24th

Important Links

GA Tech Calculus Meeting - Rescheduled
The distance calculus meeting that was cancelled due to Tuesday’s inclement weather has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 16 at 7:00 pm.  If your child has signed up for Georgia Tech Calculus next year, we will meet in room 435 for an informational meeting about the program. If you are unable to attend, you may listen online that night through the Calculus Swiki link at: for the Tegrity session.

Electronic Recycling and Document Shredding

Northview High School is partnering with ecycle and EcoShredding to provide a valuable service to those in the community.  On Saturday, March 13th, bring your old computers, electronics and sensitive documents to be properly disposed of. For a small charge, ecycle staff will put your old electronics through their secure recycling process. They will destroy all data in compliance with NIST standards and recycle the materials in accordance with environmental regulations.
EcoShredding will have the secure trucks in the parking lot of Northview High School from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a portion of the proceeds benefitting school publications.
Cost: $10/carload & $10/TV or monitor
         $5/box for document shredding

Join The NHS 2010-11 PTSA Board

The Northview PTSA Nominating Committee members have been elected and are currently accepting nominations for next year’s slate of officers.   Multiple positions are open and each position is supported by chair persons and volunteers. If you are interested in learning about and/or volunteering to run for a position on next year's PTSA Board, please contact any one of the following:

Ellen Li
Andrea Edwards
Jill Strothmann
Kurt Wien (alternate)          
Theresa Creagh (alternate) 

Your Opinion is Important to Us!

The Fulton County School System invites you to spend a few minutes giving your input during its annual Parent Perception Survey. The survey runs from March 1 through April 2, and the answers you provide will be used for school improvement planning.
A perception survey measures how you feel about different aspects of your child’s overall education in Fulton County, rather than gathering information about individual teachers or your school’s performance.  Please be assured that your identity and that of your child cannot and will not be shared with any school official.
The survey will be available online at  If you prefer to fill out a paper survey, copies will be available in the front office.  Surveys in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese are also available at the school.  Your answers will be combined with those of other parents and shared with teachers and the principal for school improvement planning.  Your identity and that of your child will remain confidential. 
If you have questions about the survey, please call the Assessment and Accountability Division at 404-763-4598.  Thank you for your feedback.


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