Northview High School was fortunate enough to have a website during the construction process and as the school opened its doors in August of 2002. The community was informed of academic courses, sports opportunities, and the arts programs. The website has since gone through three redesigns and countless numbers of creative frontpage designs. The following are people, that have at some point, made an impact on Northview's online presence.

Paul Brannon , Principal
Holly Price, Principal's Secretary / Bookkeeper
Chris Harkey, Technology Specialist

Katie Morgan, Web Development Teacher
Angie Blanchard, Daily Announcements/Titan Notes Updates
Paul Brannon, eNewsletter

Student Leadership
John Caras, (Class of 2014)
Mohammad Rasheed, (Class of 2014)
Reese Prater, (Class of 2014)
Keshav Bhat, (Class of 2015)
Karthick Arumugam, (Class of 2015)
Valerie Avva, (Class of 2015)
Richard Wang, (Class of 2014)

Video Content (WNHS-TV)
Josh Lee , Broadcast and Video Production

Photo Content
Brian Rawlin, Yearbook Advisor 
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