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General Information

The Social Studies Department is an important part of every student's educational experience at Northview High School . Through Social Sciences, students will be introduced to culture, politics, history, and economics. Students will learn the facts of history, how to analyze past events and how to apply them to current situations. Every student is required to take American Government, World History, United States History and Economics for graduation. As a department, we provide guidance and knowledge that will help students define citizenship, government, and what they would like to achieve from both entities.

Our faculty is organized into Professional Learning Communities based on subject areas and works diligently to provide each student with meaningful educational experiences. Of the 32 Advanced Placement courses taught at Northview, our department offers 25% of those AP courses. Our participation in the Close-Up Foundation has enabled students to have the Washington , D.C. experience first-hand. Northview U.S. History teachers also participate in the Fulton County March program, a coveted multi-million dollar Federal Grant opportunity that provides enrichment to the U.S. History curriculum. The Department consists of 12 teachers with Mr. Mike Dixon as both chair and contact person. His email address is

Faculty Subject
Mike Dixon
Department Chair
World History, Social Issues and Sociology
Mark Anderson US History and AP World History
Ray Brown US History, AP US History and Film Studies
Kalan Brownthwaite World History and American Government
Amour Carthy AP Microeconomics
Chad Davenport Economics
Nathan Harrell World History and AP Human Geography
Thomas Henderson US History and AP US History
Christopher James American Government
John MacDonald World History and US History
Michael Martin AP Human Geography and TAG
John McCombe World History and Economics
Susan Parr AP Psychology
Stephanie Zavlanos AP United States Government and Politics

General Information

Suggested Online Resources:

CIA World Fact Book Country facts, maps, and flags 
Flags & Maps of the World Large, printable flags and maps for most countries 
50 States and Capitals Facts & flags for all 50 states 
North Georgia Resources History, travel & adventure in the North Georgia 
U.S. Cities Index of city web sites in the US and some other countries

American History:

American Memory Collections Multimedia museum of US culture and history 
American West Gunslingers, outlaws, pioneers, facts, trails, and music
Civil War Timeline, battles, places, music, documents 
Civil War Homepage Index of civil War websites 
Colonial Hall Biographies of America's Founding Fathers 
U.S. Presidents Information & links about all the U.S. Presidents 
U.S. White House Official web site of the White House

World History:

Ancient World Web Ancient civilizations: Aztec, Greek, Roman & Egyptian 
Hyper History Online World History timeline with hyperlinks to detailed information 
Mr. Jenkins' History Resources Ancient, modern, US, Asian, African 
Mythology of Ancient Societies Encyclopedia of mythology & legend 
Roman Civilization Ancient Roman culture and life
World War I History of "The Great War"


Constitution of the United States of AmericaAmmendment updates 
GovSpot Information on federal, state, and local governments
Supreme Court Current decisions & 600 historically significant decisions 
Supreme Court Opinions Collection of Supreme Court opinions 
U.S. Congress House of Representatives, Senate, pending bills, & past legislation 
U.S. Department of Education Official site 
White House Info on current administration & biographies of past presidents