language arts

Language Arts Faculty

Teacher Subjects
Brian Rawlin
Department Co-Chair
12th, AP Literature and Composition, Yearbook
Ashley Ulrich
Department Co-Chair
9th Honors, 10th, Speech
Casey Carr 11th and 12th
Sarah Darling 9th and 10th
Megan Hart AP Language and Composition, 12th
Julie Hunt SAT Prep, Writers' Workshop 2, AP Literature and Composition
Josh Jordan Contemporary Literature, 12th
Jordan Kohanim 9th Honors, 11th Honors, Speech
Elizabeth Lake 9th Honors, 9th TAG, 10th Honors, AP Language and Composition
Meredith Meaders 9th, 10th Honors
Tania Pope 10th, 10th Honors, 10th TAG, Writers' Workshop
Diane Watts AP Language and Composition, Lit Mag
Aaron Wilkens 10th, 11th
Chris Yarbrough 11th, Newspaper
Orlando Ayala 9th