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Teacher Subject
Nelly Castillo Social Studies, Spanish
Pauline Edwards Math
Richard Goodwin Computer Applications, Social Studies
Terrilee Perry English
Donna Powell Instructional Paraprofessional
Brianne Stienecker Math
Kathryn Thompson Science, Study Skills
Diane Whitlatch Social Studies

Agora - The Market Place


The Agora’s mission is to introduce Northview High School students to the great American institution of free enterprise.

  • Meet student needs for a convenient source of school supplies
  • Provide training and work experience for Resource students
  • Create an internal source of funding for Northview High School
This business, run by students for students, produces profits which go back to the student body in the form of special projects and scholarships. A valuable lesson is taught by meeting the needs of a target market in a way that creates substantial revenue. IRR students get the chance to be a part of a successful business, while learning valuable work and communication skills.

Pens / Pencils Notebooks Book Covers
Paper Protractors Calculators
Hi-Liters Cover Reports Poster Board
Batteries Pockets Folders Binders
Graph Paper Colored Pencils Computer Disks
Dividers Erasers Index Cards
  Composition Books Glue Sticks ...and more