health & p.e.


Teacher Subject

Cindy Brogdon
Department Chair 

Head Varsity Girl's Golf Coach, Health, PE 1, PE 2

Jennifer Barr

Head Varsity Girl's Soccer Coach, Personal Fitness, Health, PE 1, PE 2/3

Tony Cianciola 
Asst. Varsity Swim Coach, Personal Fitness, Health, PE 1, PE 3, Rec Games, Lifetime Sports

Gary McCoy

Asst. Varsity Football Coach, Asst. Varsity Boy’s Basketball Coach, Health, PE 1, Weight Training 1, Weight Training 2, Weight Training 3, Lifetime Sports, Rec Games

General Information

Facility Includes
  • 2 Weight Rooms
  • Fitness Room
  • Main and Auxiliary Gyms
  • 2 Health Classrooms
  • Girls' and Boys' Physical Education Locker rooms
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